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Business Facilitation for Foreign Investors in Ghana

Business Facilitation for Foreign Investors in Ghana - Company Setup, Compliance and Due Diligence service, Company Secretarial Services, Immigration / Protocol Services / Additional Services.


Nature of Services rendered by Anaf Commercial Services:

  • Incorporation and registration of a company in Ghana at the Registrar General Departmemt.
  • Incorporation of a Company where the regulations are Standard Table A or with minimal alterations.
    Incorporation of a Company where the regulation are tailor-made.
    Tax Identification Number application.
    Notary public (limited to 4 documents of 1 page each).

  • Company secretarial services:
    Retainer for the provision of the following company secretarial services for incorportated services.
    Provision of company secretarial services:
    • for an external company
    • for a Guaranty company
    • based on hourly charge
  • Work done in arranging company's books or doing any backdated work when retainership is initially taken.

  • Registration of company at Ghana Investment Promotion Center.
    Renewal of Ghana Investment Promotion Center registration.
    Registration of a company at Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.
    Registration of a company with Metropolitan Assembly for Business Operating permit.
    Registration with Mineral Commission.
    Registration with Environmental Protection Agency.

  • A staff of Anaf Commercial Services to act as a local manager.
    A staff of Anaf Commercial Services to act as a nominee director or alternate director.
    Usage of Anaf Commercial Services office as registered office / principal place of business.
    Anaf Commercial Services to act as nominee share holder.
    Re-registration of company at Registrar General Department.
    Bank account opening, Immigration services, and facilitaion of meeting.
    Recruitment and staff payroll management.

  • Technology Transfer Services: - Our most talented and technically advanced team members engage global partners for technology transfer agreement on industrial property rights, technical services and know-how services as well as management services. These services comprice sale and licensing of all forms of industrial properties, provision of technical advisory services such as ICT and audit services and human ressource management services. As a transferee (company based in Ghana) in this agreement, we have gained valuable insight on technology, industry expertise and know-how from our globa partners who act as transferors (companies outside Ghana). These technology transfer services are mandated by Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) which oversees transfer of technology expertise, know-how or facilities of foreign companies into Ghanaian firms.
    Some of our notable clients are Yinson Production West Africa, General Electric, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authorities, Cummins Ghana, Takoradi International Company, Contracta, Aos Orwell, and Weatherford.


CompIiance and Due Diligence service - ACSL assists in registering Companies with the following regulatory bodies in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations:

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (“GIPC”): Registration with GIPC is done in accordance with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865) (the “GIPC Act”). The GIPC Act requires all companies with foreign participation such as wholly foreign owned companies, joint-venture companies with a Ghanaia