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Business Developemnt & Logistics

Business Development Services - Company Setup, Compliance and Due Diligence service, Company Secretarial Services, Immigration / Protocol Services / Additional Services

Company Setup- assists with setting up the following types of companies in Ghana, in accordance with the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179):

A Company Limited By Shares: A company having the liability of its members limited to the amount, unpaid on the shares respectively held by them. The Company may be set up as a Private Company or a Public Company.

Private Company: The total number of members and debenture holders cannot exceed So excluding employees and past employees. The regulations of a private company may restrict the right to transfer shares in the company.


Public Company: The number of members in a public company is not limited and its shares are freely transferable without restriction, except where there is an unpaid lia6ility on the shares or the transferee is a minor or person certified by court to be of unsound mind.

A Company Limited By Guarantee: This type of company may be a public or private company. It can only be set up for non-profit purposes.

External Company: This refers to a body corporate, formed outside Ghana which wishes to establish a place of business in Ghana such as a branch, management, share, transfer, or registration office, factory, mine, or any other fixed  place of business.

CompIiance and Due Diligence service - ACSL assists in registering Companies with the following regulatory bodies in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations:

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (“GIPC”): Registration with GIPC is done in accordance with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865) (the “GIPC Act”). The GIPC Act requires all companies with foreign participation such as wholly foreign owned companies, joint-venture companies with a Ghanaia